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Northern Virginia Traffic Ticket Lawyer • Priale & Racine PLLC

Northern Virginia Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Penalties for traffic tickets in Northern Virginia can often be expensive, especially when they result in an increase in your insurance premiums. In fact, depending on the type of offense and your prior motor vehicle history, automobile insurance companies may raise premiums after a first offense.

It is crucial to have a Northern Virginia traffic ticket lawyer represent you from the initial stage of the case.  Our firm can help those charged with a traffic violation avoid the expensive, time consuming and frustrating ordeal involving court appearances, fines, and forms that may have a significant impact on your finances and driving privileges.

Contact us for a consultation today to review your case and explain the possible consequences of the various violations.  We can then proceed to represent you throughout the resolution of the matter, taking the mystery out of the process and helping you avoid conviction.

There are countless moving violations that can result in lost points on your license, suspension and other penalties. If you don’t fight the charges brought against you, the consequences can have an effect on your license for years. When you need solid advice that you can rely on or a dependable Northern Virginia traffic ticket lawyer in the courtroom, let Priale & Racine represent you. We handle cases involving:

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