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Fairfax Wrongful Death Lawyer | INJURED? CLICK HERE

Fairfax Wrongful Death Lawyer

Your family deserves justice after losing a loved one to the carelessness of another. Get help holding the responsible party accountable by working with a Fairfax wrongful death lawyer.

When a fatal accident robs you of a family member and someone else is responsible, you have every right to hold that party accountable for what their actions have cost you and your family. However, while a wrongful death claim can bring you justice, it’s not a guaranteed process as you can expect the other side and their insurance company to fight you every step of the way.

To bring your claim to a successful conclusion and get justice for your loved one, work with a Fairfax wrongful death lawyer from Priale & Racine, PLLC. We can help you through this difficult time and bring your claim to a successful conclusion that secures your family’s future wellbeing.


Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Virginia?

While you can file a wrongful death claim for nearly any fatal accident in which someone other than the deceased was responsible—from car crashes to apartment fires and more—Virginia law limits who has the right to bring a claim. Not only are there limitations for who can file, but Virginia also breaks up who has this right into three different groups with the following order of priority:

  1. Surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren
  2. Surviving parents, siblings, and other relatives who live in the same household as the deceased and are financially dependent
  3. Any other surviving family member who would inherit the deceased’s estate under Virginia law

If you aren’t sure which group that you would fall under or think that you’ll have trouble proving that you have grounds to file, your Fairfax wrongful death lawyer will help you determine whether you have the right and how to prove your standing.


Time Limits for Filing a Claim for a Fatal Accident

You only have a limited amount of time in which to seek damages after losing a loved one to a fatal accident. Virginia only provides a statute of limitations of two years for wrongful death claims. The clock starts ticking from the date of the death—not the date of the accident, if they differ.

Not only is evidence easiest to collect when it’s still fresh, but if you don’t move soon enough, you could lose your right to seek justice through financial compensation. By contacting a Fairfax wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible, you can preserve your right to sue and give yourself the best chance for building the strongest claim possible.


Collecting Damages for a Wrongful Death

The monetary damages you can collect in a wrongful death suit are similar to those available in personal injury claims. The settlement you ultimately receive should account for a number of different financial expenses and quality-of-life losses that you and your family have suffered due to losing your loved one.

It can be incredibly difficult to think about your family member’s loss in monetary terms. This is something you shouldn’t have to deal with, which is why your Fairfax wrongful death lawyer will handle this process discretely and tactfully. Other than requesting any necessary information and documentation, we’ll avoid involving you in this process as much as possible.

Listed below are just a few examples of the different damages and losses that you might be able to include in your demand for compensation:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills incurred while trying to save the deceased’s life
  • Your family member’s lost income estimated out to retirement age and accounting for likely raises and bonuses
  • Your family’s mental anguish
  • Lost companionship and guidance that would have been provided by the deceased


Work with a Fairfax County Wrongful Death Lawyer

Nothing is harder than losing a family member in an accident when you know it happened because of someone else’s poor judgment. Priale & Racine, PLLC is dedicated to helping people in bad situations. We will help you find the justice you need to find closure and secure your family’s financial future.

By scheduling a free case evaluation with a Fairfax wrongful death lawyer from our firm, you can get the information you need to make an informed decision on what your next step should be. Contact us today to arrange a time for your consultation by calling 703-272-3922 or by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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