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Fairfax Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | INJURED? CLICK HERE

Fairfax Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Don’t let an insurance company bully you out of the settlement you need to recover from your motorcycle wreck. Instead, get the compensation you’re owed by working with a Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer.

It’s simple enough: When you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, you need to be able to focus on your recovery—not worry about how to pay medical bills or deal with games played by the insurance company. Unfortunately, this is often exactly what happens.

The cost to recover from a motorcycle crash can be enormous. You should be able to expect the insurance company to cover your losses without you having to wonder about their intentions, but this is rarely what happens. Instead, insurers tend to prioritize their profits over the victim’s needs, and this leaves many bikers undercompensated and wondering what they can do.

You don’t have to wonder. By working with a Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer from Priale & Racine, PLLC, you can cut through the games and the runarounds and get the help you need to obtain the financial compensation you are entitled to.


Bikers Get a Bad Rap—and It Can Cost You

Motorcyclists often have to deal with unfair stereotypes that indicate that they’re all reckless drivers, and that any wreck they’re involved in must be their fault. This is usually just an annoyance, but when you’ve been hurt in a crash, it can cost you substantial amounts of money.

This is because Virginia is one of a handful of states that follow pure contributory negligence, which means that if you were at all responsible for the motorbike accident, you’ll completely lose your right to compensation. If your case has to go to trial and the insurance company’s attorneys can convince a jury that you’re just another reckless biker, your entire settlement gets put at risk.

A Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm can prevent this from happening. By building a strong case built on facts, evidence, and witness testimony, we can show that you weren’t at fault.


Proving Who’s Responsible for the Motorcycle Wreck

Building the case that secures your compensation starts with investigating the crash to identify the cause and determine who was at fault. Popular stereotypes to the contrary, accidents involving motorcycles are often caused by negligent drivers of passenger cars and commercial trucks.

Because motorcycles are so much smaller than other vehicles, other drivers often fail to notice them because they’re used to looking out for larger vehicles. The smaller size can also throw off a driver’s estimation of speed and distance when using his or her mirrors. This is no excuse, however, and your Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer will work hard to make sure the fault gets placed where it really belongs.

These are some of the more common causes of motorcycle collisions that we’ll need to consider:

  • Distracted driving, possibly by cell phones, eating, passengers, or anything else
  • Intoxication, whether by drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding, making it difficult to stop in time or avoid a biker
  • Defective motorcycle parts or tires
  • Dangerous road conditions, such as potholes, uneven lanes, and improper shoulder drop-offs
  • Debris left in the road by a construction crew


What’s Your Motorcycle Crash Claim Worth?

Once a case has been built that is strong enough to put you in a negotiating position of strength, we’ll next need to determine just how much your claim is worth. This is critical because knowing your claim’s value is the only way to avoid accepting an inadequate settlement amount that fails to cover all of your injuries, losses, and expenses.

By working closely with your doctor, your Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to accurately estimate the total cost of your crash—including any potential future expenses that it might cost you. On the financial side of things, a large portion of this will be your medical bills and related expenses, such as for surgeries, medications, and mobility equipment.

Other financial losses might include the cost to repair your motorcycle, any home renovations made necessary by your injuries, transportation expenses, and anything else caused by your crash injuries that has a direct financial value.

You should also be compensated for your non-economic losses, however—something that insurers often fail to inform injured bikers of when they go without an attorney. We can help you assess how your quality of life has been damaged by the accident and recover compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, permanent disfigurement, lost companionship, lost quality of life, and more.


Full Compensation for all of Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When valuing your personal injury claim, the cost to treat your injuries will make up a large percentage of the compensation you can recover. How long it will take you to recover, if you can recover, what your treatment will cost, and whether there will be any lasting disabilities or effects all need to be taken into account.

Our firm has experience handling a wide variety of different injury types. Listed below are just a few of the different injuries that your Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer will have experience handling claims for:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Spine, back, and neck injuries
  • Amputations, whether traumatic or surgical
  • Burn injuries, including friction burns such as road rash
  • Wrongful death


Fairfax Motorcycle Accident FAQ

We know you’re going to have questions about what to do after your motorcycle wreck. That’s perfectly normal, and we’re here to get you the information you need. With that in mind, we’ve provided a few answers to some common questions below. For more information, please contact our office to speak with a Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer.

Will I be treated fairly by the insurance company after my motorcycle accident?

Unfortunately, the answer is “probably not.” Insurers love to avoid paying settlements to injured bikers by pointing blame in their direction. The best way to overcome this tactic is to have an experienced attorney represent you and build a case that shows how you weren’t at fault.

Will I be at fault for my motorcycle crash injuries if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

Possibly; it largely depends on the details of your crash and what injuries you suffered. If you suffered wounds to your head, face, or brain, it increases the chance that you will bear a portion of the blame for not taking steps to protect yourself.

I flipped my motorcycle after hitting a large pothole. Who’s responsible?

There are a number of additional factors that would need to be considered before assigning blame, but the pothole’s involvement could implicate the government agency responsible for road maintenance. In some situations, a roadwork crew might also be found negligent.


Speak with a Fairfax County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It’s not easy to get fully compensated for a motorcycle wreck, so you don’t want to leave anything to chance—there’s simply too much at stake. Let Priale & Racine, PLLC help you get full compensation to cover your losses so that you can afford the medical care you need to get your life back to normal.

It all starts with a free consultation that carries no obligation to proceed past our initial discussion. Arrange your time to speak with an experienced Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyer by calling 703-272-3922 or by completing the online contact form found at the bottom of this page.

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