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What Is The Process To Apply For An F1 Visa? • Priale & Racine PLLC

Someone wishing to apply for an F-1 visa should first identify an academic institution and program they are interested and ensure that it is authorized by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program, Immigration & Customs Enforcement to issue student visas. NOT ALL SCHOOLS QUALIFY! A list of approved schools can be searched by state and education type at the following link:

Once you have selected a school, they can be contacted to obtain information about the enrollment process and F-1 visa application process. It is very important for prospective students who are in the US on tourist visas NOT TO ENROLL IN SCHOOL WHILE THEY ARE IN THE US AS TOURISTS.

b-1/b-2 visa holders should not enroll and attend classes until they have registered for F-1 status!. The regulations, at 8 CFR 214.2(b)(7), specifically prohibit study in the United States while in B-1 or B-2 status. 

What Questions Might Someone Expect To Be Asked In The F1 Visa Interview?

Interviews normally only occur when going through a US Embassy abroad and would focus on the course of study, non-immigrant intent of the applicant and grounds of inadmissibility

What Is The Processing Time For F-1 Visa?

Processing times vary and can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Processing times can be found on the USCIS website at

Can I Bring My Dependents On F-1 Visa?

Yes dependents are eligible for F-2 visas.

Under What Circumstances Could I ‘Fall Out Of Status’?

The most common reason students fall out of status is failure to keep up with their course load and/or criminal convictions which lead to being placed in removal proceedings

Why Is This One Of The Most Common Reasons For Rejection Of An F1 Visa Application?

Visas are most commonly denied at US embassies abroad due to failure to show non-immigrant intent which is to say that the Consular officer is not convinced the applicant does not intend to remain in the US past the time of their course of study.

What Can I Do If My Visa Request Is Denied? What If My F-1 Visa Expires While I Am In The U.S.?

If your visa is denied while inside the US, it is important to consult with an immigration attorney to determine what options are available and how you could be prejudiced if you depart the US and try to re-enter at a later date. In certain circumstances, a student that has failed to comply/maintain their status can have their status reinstated.

When Must I Renew My F-1 Visa?

Always plan to renew the visa well in advance of its expiration date.

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