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Fairfax Field Sobriety Test Lawyer • Priale & Racine PLLC

Fairfax Field Sobriety Test Lawyer

You should understand two basic things about field sobriety tests: they are highly unreliable, and you can refuse to submit to them. Unfortunately, many people don’t know this ahead of time, and so police officers use questionable results from faulty tests to justify an arrest. In some cases, this evidence is used during criminal proceedings.

With the help of experienced legal counsel, you can fight flawed field sobriety test results and your DUI arrest. Our firm provides strong and experienced criminal defense for clients throughout Northern Virginia who have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We have extensive experience challenging DUI arrests in court and a proven record of helping clients protect their rights.

As with blood and breath tests, you can fight the results of tests if you can cast doubt on the quality or accuracy of the test or the procedures used by the person conducting the test. Unlike those other tests, however, you also have the right to refuse initial testing, including preliminary breath tests using notoriously inaccurate handheld equipment. Refusal will not trigger an automatic loss of your license.

As Fairfax field sobriety test lawyers with years of experience taking on DUI cases involving field sobriety tests, we have worked with clients who have allegedly failed tests involving:

  • Walk and turn
  • Balancing / one leg stand
  • Touching fingers to thumb
  • Touching fingers to nose
  • Reciting alphabet or counting (forwards or backwards)
  • Following an object with eyes

Your Fairfax field sobriety test lawyer will work to get results thrown out from testing that has been shown to be frequently inaccurate, and working from there we can challenge the validity of the stop or arrest.

Any DUI/DWI charge can have a serious and significant impact on your life, your rights and your freedom. Don’t take chances with your defense. We have built our firm on a foundation of fighting in and out of the courtroom for our clients.

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