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Fairfax Breath & Blood Test Lawyer • Priale & Racine PLLC

Fairfax Breath & Blood Test Lawyer

Among the most important evidence in any DUI case are the results of blood or breath tests. Not only can this evidence be used against you in the courtroom, but the results can also determine the severity of the punishment you face, as results of .15, .20 and greater can lead to enhanced charges.

As experienced Fairfax breath & blood test lawyers with a proven record fighting Northern Virginia DUI cases, we know how to challenge incorrect or inadmissible blood and breath test results. Our firm provides strong DUI defense with a focus on minimizing penalties and getting charges reduced or dismissed.

Most DUI/DWI cases involve the results of a breath test or blood test to determine blood-alcohol content (BAC). While in most cases the accused can refuse to submit to the breath or blood test, the result of doing so can be an automatic one-year license suspension

Many clients assume that there is little room to fight the results of a blood or breath test. As experienced Fairfax breath & blood test attorneys, we can fully review your case and explore all options for building a strong defense, such as:

  • Reviewing whether the initial stop was appropriate
  • Examining testing procedures
  • Evaluating whether samples or tests were contaminated
  • Defending reasonable breath or blood test refusals

Virginia is an implied consent state, which meant that if you are unable to blow a breath test, such as in cases where there has been an injury related accident and you are incapacitated, police have the right to draw blood for testing without your consent. Even in these cases we may still be able to challenge testing methods, review for the possibility of contamination or challenge police procedures.

Your Fairfax breath & blood test lawyer will take on many roles. We fight to make sure your rights are protected in the criminal process. Our firm will evaluate all aspects of your case to make sure you were treated fairly and appropriately. We will fight for your best interests in and out of the courtroom and make sure prosecutors don’t excessively charge or unfairly penalize you.

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