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Fairfax Drug Manufacturing Lawyer | NEED HELP? CLICK HERE

Fairfax Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

You need to do everything legally possible to avoid a conviction for manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs. Build a powerful defense by working with a Fairfax drug manufacturing lawyer.

If you’ve been charged with drug manufacturing, you could be facing serious consequences upon conviction. Virginia has tough drug laws: Even a first offense can bring severe penalties that mean disastrous consequences for your future, freedom, and finances.

During this time, it can be difficult to know if it’s even possible to build a successful defense against your drug charges. In this time, it’s important to have a legal ally who will fight for your rights in court. A Fairfax drug manufacturing lawyer from Priale & Racine, PLLC can be a partner who will walk through this time with you, with the ultimate goal of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

Penalties for Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation

Drug manufacturing is treated as a more serious offense than simply possessing a controlled substance. As a result, the penalties for drug manufacturing are much more severe:

  • A charge of marijuana cultivation with amounts ranging from one-half ounce to five pounds can result in twenty years in prison and a fine of up to $2,500.
  • A charge of marijuana cultivation with amounts above five pounds can result in five to thirty years in prison and a fine of $10,000.
  • For manufacturing a schedule I or II drug, a first offense could mean five to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.
  • For a second offense Schedule I or II drug manufacturing charge, the result could be five years to life imprisonment.

A drug manufacturing charge is a scary thing to be up against, but you do have legal recourse. It’s important to have a defense lawyer familiar with drug laws who will work to give you the strongest defense possible.

Possible Defenses Against Manufacturing Charges

Upon contacting your Fairfax drug manufacturing lawyer, the first thing you will do is review all the details of your case. Your attorney will seek to find grounds upon which reasonable doubt can be established.

One possible defense involves examining the means by which the drugs were seized. Your Fairfax drug cultivation lawyer may challenge that the seizure of the substances was conducted under an unlawful search and violated the Fourth Amendment. Perhaps the police seized the substances on private property without a warrant. In another scenario, police may have been acting on information that came from a dubious source.

Manufacturing can be hard to prove without a verbal statement. For instance; if police obtained marijuana seeds from your apartment, this does not necessarily mean that you planned to cultivate and sell the marijuana. In another example, pharmacists may have access to a wide array of substances not available to the general public; however, this does not imply intent to manufacture and sell controlled substances.

Contact a Fairfax Drug Cultivation Lawyer

The consequences of a drug manufacturing charge are serious, but a charge does not have to mean a conviction. Priale & Racine, PLLC will aggressively represent your best interests in court and fight to get your name cleared so that you can get back to your life.

Contact a Fairfax drug manufacturing lawyer today by calling 703-272-3922 or by filling out the online form below. Your consultation is free and completely confidential.

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